Put your money where your audience are.

Define your audience and run targeted campaigns on DOOH media.

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Create Audience based D\OOH campaigns

Publish and target campaigns to your audience. Pay for the audience, instead of slots on DOOH media.

Automate with Programmatic campaigns for DOOH

Run programmatic and contextual campaigns with goals on “Impressions” or “Audience Views”.

Analyse Campaign Performance with real-time Metrics

Analyse real-time metrics (Impressions, Reach, Views and Audience) and derive insights. Evaluate campaign performance and RoI.

Upgrade your media plan with primary metrics and insights

Prepare media plans with first-hand metrics and insights. Enabled by real-time measurement for each screen.


Make your D\OOH media Measurable and Relevant.

Add real-time Audience measurement to improve relevance and boost occupancy.

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Update D\OOH media with measurability

Increase the relevance of D\OOH media with audience measurement. Gather and share real-time metrics and insights with clients.


Source campaigns from a wide network of agencies and advertisers on the platform. Full control over campaigns with a seamless approval flow.

Upgrade to Programmatic DOOH

Tap into the huge inventory of programmatic campaigns by upgrading your DOOH media with programmatic features.


Dynamic pricing to maximize value and increase revenue. Multiple publishing methods and pricing options to match with client requirements.

Media Owners


Real-time Audience Measurement Technology
Powered by Artificial Intelligence on the Edge.

Using proprietary algorithms and computer vision models optimized for EDGE inference on low cost hardware.

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Profile and Reactions


Age and gender of the audience viewing the Ad.


Emotions of the audience viewing the Ad.


Attention time

Amount of time spent viewing the Ad.

Dwell time

Amount of time present during the campaign run.


Views - Number of persons viewing the Ad campaign.

OTS - Number of persons with opportunity to see the Ad campaign.

Reach - Number of persons reached by the Ad campaign.

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